10 Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Design Ideas to Create the Perfect Storage Room

The kitchen serves as the heart of a household, but it can also present challenges in terms of organization. With food, cookware, dishes, and other items, the kitchen can quickly become cluttered, especially in busy family homes. A walk-in pantry can be a solution to this problem, significantly improving the functionality and cleanliness of the kitchen space if there is sufficient room.

We frequently receive inquiries about pantry layouts, organization tips, and the best cabinets for a pantry. We’re sharing 10 of our preferred kitchen pantry cabinet design concepts to help keep the busiest room in your home organized and free of clutter.

1. Optimize Storage Solutions

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The key to achieving a well-organized pantry is to use uniform containers and jars, not only for easy food storage but also to create an aesthetically pleasing look. Mismatched containers can make a fully stocked pantry appear disorganized. We suggest stocking up on your preferred BPA-free containers and glass jars from a local grocery store.

2. Utilize Space with Additional Shelves

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Incorporate extra shelves, such as a white-tiered shelf, to ensure that all food items are visible. A packed pantry shelf with various jars and containers can make it difficult to see what’s at the back. This pantry hack can be especially helpful for households with children, making it easier for shorter individuals to see and access available snacks.

3. Label Items

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While it may require extra effort, adding labels to pantry items can make a significant difference and save time in the future. Storing bulk foods in glass containers rather than their original packaging not only looks better but also eliminates the risk of chemicals leaching into the food during storage.

4. Select the Right Cabinets

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We often receive the following questions: Should pantry cabinets match kitchen cabinets? In short, we typically recommend maintaining consistent cabinetry throughout the kitchen and pantry. While it’s acceptable to mix and match, using the same cabinets throughout creates a pleasing uniformity that adds value when it’s time to sell your home.

Another common question from our customers is: Which cabinets are best for a pantry? OPPOLIA offers custom cabinets as well as quick RTA cabinets that can be customized to your liking or purchased ready to fit. We also provide a wide range of design options to maximize your space.

5. Store Cookware


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If there isn’t enough cabinet space for cookware, use wall hangers to create additional storage for extra pots and pans. Matching cookware can even serve as additional decor. The top of the pantry shelves is also an ideal place for storing mixing bowls and occasional-use dishware.

6. House Extra Appliances in the Pantry

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If the main kitchen area lacks space, the pantry can also serve as a station for appliances. This lovely all-white pantry features a built-in microwave, mini-fridge, and extra counter space for additional appliances. Storing appliances in the pantry also frees up cabinet space in the main kitchen area.

7. Splash of Color

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While a monochromatic look is trendy, adding a pop of color to an all-white kitchen can be refreshing. This small butler’s pantry in the kitchen’s corner was painted navy to introduce a nautical feel to the design. If your kitchen has an exposed pantry, consider painting it in a contrasting color for a quick and cost-effective update.

8. Prioritize Lighting

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When planning your pantry design, don’t overlook lighting. Proper lighting is essential for navigating pantries, especially deeper walk-in pantries. If a window isn’t available, ensure that the pantry is well-lit with LED cabinet lighting strips, which are easy to install and affordable.

9. Utilize Pantry Windows

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If your pantry has a window, consider using it to grow herbs. Instead of leaving the space empty, harness the extra sunlight for growing plants year-round without taking up additional counter space in the main kitchen.

10. The Pantry Isn’t Just for Food

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If there’s extra space, consider using the pantry to store your favorite cookbooks or other miscellaneous items. You can even color-code your cookbooks for an ultra-organized pantry. Don’t limit the pantry to food storage—use the space to keep miscellaneous items organized in your home.

In conclusion, kitchen pantry cabinets not only add space for storage but also make the kitchen tidy. A smart design utilizes every space properly.