All about Wall Wood Panels

Have you ever considered how your wall would look if you went with wood panels? As one of the experienced interior designers in Lahore, I am seeing an emerging trend of wood wall panels in the city, with many modern homes opting for impressive designs.

All about Wall Wood Panels 2

There are two main reasons why this is getting traction in recent days, i.e., social media, which is the main force behind it, and the availability of better quality materials and the variety of wood panels that you can use instead of dull and old-fashioned paints and wallpapers.

In this blog, we will take a quick trip on why you should try wood panels and what types of materials are best suited and available in the market. We will also talk about how H-A Design Studio, your house construction service partner in Lahore, would help you make it look premium for your house.

Types of Wall Wood Panels

Wall panels are not a new interior design idea but have recently caught the attention of house owners and those who are willing to spend some money on their house outlook. Wood Panels, unlike paints and wallpaper, give a premium and better outlook to your room, with more room for renovation and addition. Here, we will discuss the materials that you can choose from for your wall.

Solid Wood

One cannot compare the finish, durability and look of solid wood with any other material. This is one of the reasons solid wood panels and parts remain the number one choice for many homeowners for their wall decor and design.

Solid wood gives a better finish and is sturdy with natural grain, which is unique to every wood. In addition to this, solid wood, unlike other materials, absorbs paint and varnish differently, which makes it unique in every way. This is also the reason solid wood is expensive.

So, to summaries:

  • Solid wood panels are expensive
  • They are unique and last longer
  • Their pattern is different for each type of wood.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

As the name suggests, it is a composite of wood powder and plastic, which gives it a better look and, of course, durability. The material is time-tested and lasts longer than any other material because of its plastic components. Since it is artificially made, the pattern can be repeated to give a more wholesome and complete look.

  • WPC is less expensive
  • It is more durable than wood because of its plastic component
  • Its variations are endless, with the same pattern for visual aesthetics.

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)

MDF is virtually the king of wood panels and wall decoration. It is used extensively in almost every wood-related work, from furniture to ceilings and to cupboards; almost every piece of furniture has one or more components of MDF. This is also the reason it has so much variety and so many forms to choose from. The durability and the quality variations are what make it the best material for someone who is on a budget but wants to give the room a unique and new look.

  • Has a lot of variety
  • Available everywhere with low prices
  • Sturdy and long-lasting

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

If you are in for a long ride and want to make sure that whatever you build is not only long-lasting but has good quality, too, and then PVC is the best you can get. It is high-density plastic, which means there is little to no chance of it getting tarnished or bent over time. This goes without saying that PVC is rust, plague and insect-free, which gives it even more strength. Like MDF, it has wide varieties and shapes.

  • Rust and bend free
  • Expensive than MDF but has longer age
  • Designs are unlimited


Wall wood panel designs are not very uncommon now. These designs are getting popular day by day in Lahore as well. There are very few architects and interior designers in Lahore who can do it with quality, using high-end materials, and not compromising on the longevity of your design. hadesignstudio specialises in wallwood panel installation with an in-house team of experts. Visit our website or call now to book your appointment.