Beeper Mini gives Android users a way to talk to iMessage on iOS right now

In November, Apple announced that it would finally support the RCS messaging standard, allowing Android devices and iPhones to communicate on a potentially more level playing field. The update won’t be released until early 2024, but luckily there’s a third-party solution you can download today called Beeper Mini.

The app gives Android users the ability to send end-to-end encrypted texts to an iPhone using Apple’s proprietary iMessage protocol. This means that both parties see all messages in blue bubbles instead of forcing Android hardware into green bubbles. You don’t need an Apple ID to use the service. Even if you had one, the developer Pieper says it cannot access your Apple account. However, users must give Beeper Mini permission to access their phone’s SMS and call logs to verify the number and sync pre-existing conversations to turn them into real iMessage chats.

Beeper Mini on Android

(Image credit: Pieper Mini)

Looking at the official Google Play Store listing, you’ll find that Beeper Mini has a host of iMessage features. You can send full-size photos and videos to others and respond to their content with an emoji. The app also lets you join previously inaccessible group chats that were only available on the iPhone. Additionally, the software provides a way to sync iMessages with other “Android or iOS devices, including” iPads.