Candle Styling Ideas for Your Home

Candles are a prized jewel in many a homeowner’s house. For a good reason, too – they are cost-effective and elegant in their simplicity. They look and smell great, and can seamlessly add to the aesthetic appeal of a space when combined with complementary homeware. 

No matter what your home decorating style may be, candles are a perfect accessory for any room. Consider using different luxury scented candles as room decor. Look for candles that are placed in attractive containers because these can elevate the look of your home without distracting from your interior design philosophy. 

Here’s an even better idea: When you have finished using a beautiful candle, you can reuse the container for more candles! You can even reuse the container in other creative ways, such as by converting it into a holder for your rings and other jewelry in your bedroom, or by keeping it on top of a console table in your entryway where you can toss your keys so you won’t ever lose them. When you think about it, the options are endless.

It’s hard to go wrong with candles. And if you are looking for advice on how to use candles to help accentuate your home’s aesthetic vibe and revamp a room, here are three helpful styling options. 

Brightening Up Your Living Room 

The most popular place to put candles is all around your living room. They bring a soothing and stylish element to the space, especially when artfully placed on a beautiful coffee table. Candles are an easy accessory to constantly rearrange around the room, so you can always create new looks. Try putting candles (of different hues of a single color) on simple wooden trays on side tables along with colorful vases with fresh flowers.

Experiment by mixing up the sizes and shapes of your candles to create dimension in the space. Styling ideas include placing a small candle on top of coasters and a bigger one on a tray or a pile of books.  

If you have more than one coffee table in the room, create centerpieces for these by using candles of various sizes, colors, and shapes and bundling them together in an exciting mix and then layering with beautiful ornaments, books or notepads, and flowers.

In a living room, candles that are grouped together look far better than a single candle standing on its own. If you don’t have more candles or are unsure as to how you can execute this elegant style, seek to create a little vignette with a small vase of greenery or flowers or a book stack to keep your lone candle company.

Dressing Up Your Bookshelf

Candles can change not only the look of a room, but also the vibe of a feature piece. If you are out of ideas for styling your bookshelf, a candle can be the perfect answer. 

For most booklovers, bookshelves are great spaces to display not only their book collections, but also their beloved possessions that may be connected to these literary treasures. For example, Harry Potter fans may fill their shelves with their complete collection of the books, as well as the figures and wands of their favorite characters, scarves representing their preferred Hogwarts House, and an assortment of candles reminiscent of the floating candles in the Great Hall. 

If you love reading books about traditional or Gothic romances, fairy tales, and fantasies, candles are beautiful details to use to accentuate your shelves.

Enhance and Perfume Your Bedroom

Many people always opt to have a candle by their bed and to light it at night as they read their book (or scroll through their phones). It’s a charming way to wind down. Even if your bedside table is on the smaller side, a luxury artisan candle can be placed there along with framed photos of your loved ones, and a soothing packet of lavender to help you sleep. 

In addition, since your bedroom is your personal sanctuary and a place that makes you feel calm and relaxed, adding a touch of whimsy to your bedroom furniture with candles needs to be focused more on the scent than anything else. 

Choose two scented candles for your bedroom and place them in different areas of the room. Use scents that you feel complement each other like lavender, bergamot, and geranium. Then put one on your bedside table and another on your dressing table or chest of drawers. 

When shopping for artisanal candles for your home, keep current styles and trends in mind. For example, candles made from materials such as recycled glass, concrete, marble or brass are interesting to try. There are also oversized three-wick candles that have become quite popular as they can bring your whole home to life.

Finally, marble and brass candle containers can add a touch of glamor to your home, and you can also place a glass globe over your candles when they are not in use to make them look more elegant. 

Adding Warmth and Beauty to Your Living Space

Even something as simple as a candle can add that extra special touch to the beauty of a space. Look for candles of different sizes, shapes and scents to bring warmth and a sense of comfort to your home.