Healthy Entertainment Alternatives – New Windows for You

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Does it seem as if entertainment options always involve activities that are less than healthy? There’s going out and drinking a lot of alcohol, sitting at home and watching TV, sitting on social media, or going out and eating a lot of food. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with any of this. People should enjoy eating, drinking, and relaxing. The problem is that those often seem to be the only options. What can you do when typical adult activities seem to undermine your personal health? 

Here are a few alternatives you should consider that will help you get to a better balance in your overall lifestyle.

Take a Course or Two

We’re not really talking about going back to school, or that might be something you want to do. There are just a myriad of classes (online and in-person) that will provide a much-needed break from the usual.

Go to an online or in-person painting and wine event. Don’t worry if you don’t see yourself as artistic. You’ll have plenty of company. A professional artist will walk you through the entire process, and you just may end up with a canvas that is frame-worthy for your living space.

Take a gourmet cooking class. In fact, you might even find a buddy here who is interested in the same thing. Take it together and then start cooking a team of two. It certainly beats vegging in front of the TV.

Have you always had an interest in drama? Your local community college has classes, and you can pursue that interest either on stage or behind the scenes. Barring that, there are little theater groups you can join.

Be Of Service

Nothing gets you outside of yourself and makes you feel better than finding a cause you can commit to.

What’s your passion? Is it helping kids who live in poverty and struggle with schoolwork? Is it animals abandoned at shelters? Is it old folks living in nursing homes with no visitors? Is it promoting environmental health through recycling and reducing our human footprint? 

We all have passions for things outside of our own small world. Choose one and commit to making things better for people, furry creatures, or our lives.

Get Physical

You don’t have to join a gym or you may want to. What sports did you participate in in your younger days?

There are all sorts of adult sports leagues you can join. Find one that suits you, join up, and enjoy regular camaraderie with others.

Take a fitness class. There are plenty online but you may enjoy the companionship of others who are working on getting fit too. Your local community center may offer everything from swimming to aerobics, to exercise machines. Check it out. Chances are it is less expensive than a long-term contract with a gym.

Socialize in New Ways

You may be accustomed to hitting the bars, meeting up for happy hours, going out to eat, and playing video games. It’s time to change that up and find new and fun things to do.

Get a group of friends together and plan an Escape Room night.

Gather some friends and take a road trip to a mutually agreed-upon place. Maybe it’s a weekend camping trip; maybe it’s to a theme park; maybe it’s to the beach, a ski resort, or simply a destination that offers lots of museums and history. The options are many and so varied.

Get tickets to sporting events or concerts. Take a date or go with a group. 

It’s Time to Boost Your Mental and Physical Health

We all get into ruts of the same schedules, the same activities, and the same forms of entertainment. We think we are satisfied, but we don’t realize what we are missing until we decide to change things up.

Now is your time to change things up. Get creative, get active, and improve your overall health at the same time.