How to Utilize a Store Management Virtual Assistant?

There are only a few industries in the world that have seen whopping growth in the past couple of decades, and eCommerce is one among them! The eCommerce industry has opened lucrative opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to step into the business world. 

But running an online store demands a lot from you, and hiring an eCommerce store management virtual assistant is the right decision to ease the pressure. 

Without a VA, you will have to look after the inventory, process the orders, ensure proper shipment and also market your products. When you decide to take on all these tasks by yourself, you will eventually be exhausted and won’t be able to expand your business over time. 

It is because, with all redundant responsibilities, you won’t have time to focus on your expansion plans or other core business operations. Thus, hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant is considered a smart move! In this article, you will get a clear insight into how you can utilize the skills of an eCommerce store management virtual assistant to streamline your business operations. 

What are the eCommerce Tasks that You Can Delegate to Virtual Assistants?

The eCommerce VAs have proficiency in handling almost all standard operational tasks that are repetitive or monotonous. They make sure you don’t have to engage your in-house employees or yourself in doing those tasks. Instead, you can drive your focus on expanding your business or bringing in new products to the market. It is upon you to decide what tasks you want to delegate to your eCommerce virtual assistant to ensure optimal store management. 

Here are some of the responsibilities that a virtual store management assistant can handle proficiently:

1. Inventory Management

The first and the most crucial operation that ensures eCommerce success is inventory management. With the help of an expert eCommerce store management virtual assistant, you can expect to keep a real-time tab on your inventory. 

Apart from that, your virtual store management assistant will also be able to handle certain associated tasks such as monitoring the stock levels, requesting new stock from suppliers, preventing stockouts and minimising the overhead costs. 

2. Product Listing

What’s an online store without an organized list of products in it? Whether you have to add one single product or a lot of them, it is a daunting process which demands you to optimize the titles, add descriptions, optimize images, etc. Therefore, you can hire a VA to offer you eCommerce product upload services. 

They will not just be uploading the products to your store but will also organize them and add them to specific catalogues. From adding high-quality images and catchy descriptions to ensuring SEO and categorization, your VAs offering eCommerce product upload services will handle them all. 

3. Customer Support

In the priority order, handling customer queries and inquiries is among the top considerations, and you shouldn’t go light on it. You must hire an eCommerce virtual assistant to take on the customer support aspects during the initial stage of the business. Over time, when the customer base increases, you might have to hire more VAs to provide responsive support to the customers. 

Irrespective of whether you seek Shopify, BigCommerce or Adobe Commerce store management services, customer support is an efficient consideration. Therefore, the store management VAs are meant to handle customer support needs through live chat, phone support, email support and others. 

4. Order Fulfillment

When you hire Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce store management VAs, you can let them deal with overall order processing tasks, such as processing order confirmations, tracking shipments and managing refunds & returns. The VAs will also be coordinating with the shipping carriers to ensure your customers get the orders delivered on time. 

With efficient order fulfilment, your Magento, Shopify, or BigCommerce store management VAs will make improvements to your customer experience aspects. Thus, it will result in increasing the chances of acquiring repeat orders from existing customers and spreading positive word-of-mouth about your brand to entice new potential customers to join in. 

5. Content Management and Site Maintenance

When you hire a virtual assistant who has optimal web management proficiency, you can expect consistent site maintenance. Starting from providing you with eCommerce product upload services to creating catchy and engaging content, these VAs can help you optimize the site for better brand reach. 

Not only that, but you can make your VAs optimize the overall site maintenance parameters to make it more visible across search engines. Among all the tasks, your virtual assistant will also be responsible for making the site easy to navigate, adding visual appeal and updating it regularly with new promotions or products. By maintaining the site, your VAs will make sure the organic traffic flow is maintained and user experience is enhanced. 

6. Social Media Marketing and Management

When seeking Shopify, BigCommerce or Adobe Commerce store management services, delegating the marketing tasks becomes very important. And there is no better mode to scale your brand visibility than marketing your business on social media channels. Take the help of virtual assistants to manage your social media accounts, interact with the customers and create engaging marketing posts. 

Apart from that, a VA can also help you develop specific marketing strategies, schedule posts, monitor marketing analytics and keep a tab on the store’s performance. If you can effectively utilize social media to your marketing benefit, you will be able to make your brand more engaged with the target audience. Hiring a virtual assistant will make this possible!

Bottom Line

As eCommerce is a very fast-paced sector, growing and managing a store might be overwhelming for new entrepreneurs. But, with the help of an eCommerce virtual assistant, it will be easier for you to delegate various operational tasks and streamline the store management hassle.

This way, you will be freeing yourself from handling the repetitive and monotonous tasks, and drive your focus on improving the core areas of the business. With this, you are now aware of the various ways you can utilize the virtual assistants for managing your store, and enhancing the efficiency.