Principles of modern construction – aluminum structures

Due to its numerous advantages, aluminum structures are now
actively used in modern construction and are its integral
attribute. This metal with unique characteristics is in demand and
popular both in private construction and in the construction of
commercial buildings.

Architectural elements made of aluminum have a number of
undeniable advantages. Among the main ones we can highlight:

  1. Durability. Aluminum structures are very strong and can
    withstand significant loads.
  2. Durability.
  3. Resistance to corrosion, mechanical effects and negative weather
  4. Ease.
  5. Thermal Insulation Performance.
  6. Large assortment. Aluminum structures can be painted in
    absolutely any color or shade. Thus, they are an ideal solution for
    the realization of any architectural and design ideas.

Our Technohome company offers reliable yet aesthetic solutions
for modern construction.

Technohome aluminum structures – meeting a
wide range of needs

The main activity of our company is the B2B segment –
construction companies, architects. We work with large customers
and are able to adapt to the needs of our clients. But in addition,
we also offer aluminum windows/doors for individual

Our company is a patented brand specialized in manufacturing
aluminum systems which are used in building façade glazing,
aluminum pergolas, reflexology, etc. We are not directly selling
aluminum products, but are an exclusive exporter whose main
objective is to build a B2B dealer base in the USA.

Aluminum structures from Tchnohome are an attractive and
invaluable product for different flooring systems, including
window/door, facade and many others. Aluminum is an ideal
solution in modern construction as it meets all requirements. Not
only is the material sustainable, but it is also

Advanced technological solutions are used in the production of
products made of environmentally friendly aluminum. They are
certified and meet high quality standards. Architectural systems
are produced on extrusion presses with a capacity of 1800, 2200 and
2800 tons.

Since we provide our customers not only aluminum products but
also services, our company is a one-stop supplier. Becoming the
best company is made possible by our modern and high-quality
aluminum solutions together with professional consulting.

The list of services includes market analysis, technology
development, design, testing, introduction of new products into
mass production. In addition, our company offers the service of
manufacturing aluminum profiles to order according to drawings
provided by customers.

In which market we operate

Technohome serves the green building market. We
operate territorially in many U.S. states:

  • California (CA) with its green building codes;
  • Texas (TX), where a boom in construction has been linked to an
    increase in population;
  • Georgia (GA), which combines historic and modern design to
    increase demand for aluminum products.

Also Washington, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Arizona, New
Jersey, South Carolina, Illinois, Tennessee, Oregon, Massachusetts.
Today, we do not only cooperate with customers in the domestic
market of the United States. We export 40% of our production to
other states (to more than 40 countries around the world) that work
with energy-efficient and durable structures made of
environmentally friendly and strong aluminum.

Aluminum product range

Aluminum structures from Technohome

Our company produces environmentally friendly, strong and
durable aluminum structures in a wide range of sizes to solve
different tasks. Our own production base allows us to control each
production stage and ensure the highest standards.

Overlapping systems

These include glazing structures, systems for the protection of
open areas, ceiling systems for winter gardens, verandas,
large-span roofs, as well as automatic sliding glass roof systems.
The constructions are characterized by functionality and
practicality and are used for premises of different purposes.

Features of slab-on-grade systems include:

  1. Strength and durability.
  2. It is possible to precisely adjust the light and heat levels in
    the room to create ideal microclimatic conditions.
  3. Modern design. It allows you to create unique spaces, giving the
    exterior of buildings a modern style and sophistication.

Window and door systems

Sliding windows and doors, panoramic windows, folding doors and
other structures not only create comfort and safety inside the
premises, but also are elements of the external appearance of

Aluminum door and window frames from Technohome have a number of
advantages that make them in demand in construction.

  1. Durability, reliability.
  2. Strength and lightness.
  3. Exceptional resistance to corrosion and negative external
  4. Resistance to mechanical impact, deformation.
  5. Energy efficiency. The use of thermo-breaking profiles and
    modern sealing technologies allows minimizing heating costs and
    preserving heat inside the premises.
  6. Soundproofing.
  7. Large selection of aluminum colors and textures.

Glazing systems

Technohome offers innovative aluminum glazing systems that are
characterized by strength, durability and reliability, and have
excellent thermal insulation properties. They make buildings look
aesthetically pleasing and fit perfectly into modern

Sun protection systems

Technohome’s cassette, awning and other aluminum sun shades are
ideal for creating a balance of light and comfort. They:

  • provide reliable protection from the sun’s rays;
  • create a comfortable indoor atmosphere by preventing glare and
  • do not obstruct the penetration of natural light;
  • complement and make the overall architectural appearance

Made of environmentally friendly and high quality aluminum, the
protection systems are strong and durable, resistant to negative
atmospheric influences.

Fencing systems

Aluminum fences presented by Technohome are made of high quality
material using the latest technologies. As a result, they have
excellent thermal insulation properties, are reliable and durable,
resistant to corrosion, provide a long service life, and give a
stylish appearance.

Facade systems

They have become a revolutionary solution in the construction of
buildings for various purposes. Technohome aluminum facade systems
used in cladding give a unique appearance and allow to realize
different tasks in the field of exterior design.

Aluminum façade systems are made of high quality material, which
makes them strong yet lightweight. In addition, they allow
architects to experiment with facade texture, shape and color.

Aluminum profile

Manufacturing of profiled aluminum involves a careful
technological process, during which aluminum plates are processed
and formed into special profiles.

Technohome products are standard, industrial and special purpose
aluminum profiles. They are versatile, characterized by strength
and reliability, resistance to negative environmental factors.

Office partitioning systems

To create an ideal workspace, an office must be not just
comfortable, but functional. Technohome office partitions are an
ideal solution for organizing such a room. These are not only
aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and durable structures
made of high-quality and environmentally friendly aluminum.

Our company is constantly developing new solutions and thus
providing customers with the best products that meet modern
standards of safety, efficiency and design.