The Day I Tried Rice Leather from Asif Ali Gohar

I have been following some review sites and reading other blogs from vegans, and I finally decided to try the vegan rice leather. I am happy to report that I was both surprised and pleased with the result. Now, let’s go through my day!

I started my day early with a run around the neighborhood, and I did not take any of my items with me for that, but I did get ready as soon as I was back. I chose to use my rice leather purse, it is a big bag with space for everything I need for the whole day, and the matching wallet. To go with my jeans and basic t-shirt, I chose to wear a black leather jacket. It hits around my hips and is just my style.

Next up I went to grab my morning coffee and the baristas and regular customers I see all the time noticed my new outfit. I received several compliments, and I was happy to let them see the bag and even touch the sleeves of my jacket. Everyone was surprised when I mentioned that it is vegan, as it can be difficult to find great clothing items that are also vegan. Asif Ali Gohar’s vegan rice leather makes this possible. So far things were going great, and I wasn’t feeling restricted or unable to move at all, it definitely wasn’t a stiff feeling new leather, it was just comfortable from the time I put it on.

Next up was my grocery run. I could have left it for later, but I like to get it out of the way while the coffee is fresh and no one else is there yet. Again, it all went well, none of the creaking sound you expect when you are breaking in new leather, which was a nice bonus. No embarrassing squeaking and squishing around the grocery store for me! I wasn’t uncomfortable or hot yet, but the day was set to warm up and I was sure the jacket would spend the rest of the day in the car. After a quick stop at home to drop off the groceries, I was off to lunch with my friends.

Lunch did end up with me removing my jacket, but I left it on the back of the chair, so I had it with me still. I wanted the full experience and to show it off. My bag was doing great, things were easy to find, and it wasn’t heavy or bulky but was still big enough to hold all of my things. I enjoy that the leather looks real and feels like a more natural texture than other vegan items I have tried.

Ending my day required putting it back on, and I was happy to find that it felt as comfortable as it did in the morning. I think this may be one of my main goes to jackets, but I am also planning to use this purse and the wallet for months as well. Each serves the purpose well and I think that this material is a good substitute for real leather. It is great to see more options for vegans to have items that are affordable and useful.