Understanding the Cost of Creating a Will in the UAE

A will in the UAE is a legal document outlining an individual’s wishes regarding the distribution of assets, guardianship of dependents, and other matters after their passing. It serves as a crucial tool in estate planning, ensuring that the individual’s intentions are legally recognized. Wills can be of various types, including Notarial Wills, Holographic Wills, and Sharia-Compliant Wills, each adhering to specific legal requirements in the United Arab Emirates.

Estate planning is a crucial aspect of one’s financial strategy, and creating a will is a fundamental component of this process. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), individuals often wonder about the costs associated with drafting a will. In this article, we will explore the factors influencing the cost of a will in the UAE and shed light on the importance of this financial and legal endeavor.

Legal Professional Fees:

One of the primary factors contributing to the cost of a will in the UAE is the fees charged by legal professionals. Consulting with a qualified lawyer or a legal firm experienced in UAE estate planning is essential. Legal professionals provide invaluable expertise in ensuring that the will adheres to local laws and regulations, addressing nuances that may impact the validity and execution of the document.

Complexity of the Will:

The complexity of the will significantly influences the associated costs. A straightforward will outlining the distribution of assets among family members may incur lower fees than a more intricate document with conditions, trusts, or provisions for business succession. Legal professionals may charge higher fees for drafting complex wills that involve detailed estate planning strategies.

Type of Will:

The type of will chosen by the individual also plays a role in determining costs. Notarial Wills, created before a notary public, are generally more formal and may involve higher legal fees due to the official registration process. Holographic Wills, which are handwritten by the testator, may have lower legal fees but require meticulous attention to detail to ensure their validity.

Number of Beneficiaries and Assets:

The number of beneficiaries and the complexity of asset distribution outlined in the will can impact costs. A will with multiple beneficiaries, diverse assets, or provisions for charitable contributions may require additional legal work and, consequently, result in higher fees. Legal professionals may consider the intricacies of asset distribution and the potential for disputes when determining their charges.

Review and Amendments:

The cost of creating a will may also include fees associated with reviewing and amending the document over time. Individuals may need to update their wills to reflect changes in family circumstances, asset acquisitions, or changes in wishes. Legal professionals may charge fees for reviewing and making amendments to ensure the will remains current and aligned with the individual’s intentions.

Legal Consultations:

Legal consultations play a crucial role in the will creation process. Individuals seeking legal advice on estate planning, asset protection, and tax implications may incur fees for these consultations. However, the insights gained during these consultations are essential for making informed decisions and ensuring that the will meets the individual’s specific needs and objectives.

Notarization and Registration Fees:

In the case of Notarial Wills, the process involves notarization and registration with the relevant authorities. These additional legal formalities may incur separate fees. Notarization enhances the authenticity of the will and its legal standing, but individuals should be aware of the associated costs when opting for this type of will in the UAE.

Translation Services:

For expatriates and individuals who are not fluent in Arabic, translation services may be necessary to ensure that the will is understood by all parties involved. The cost of translation services can contribute to the overall expenses associated with creating a will, particularly if the document needs to be translated into Arabic to comply with local requirements.

Storage and Safekeeping:

After the will is created, individuals may choose to store the document securely to prevent loss or damage. Some legal firms offer safekeeping services for wills, and there may be associated fees for the secure storage of the document. Safekeeping ensures that the will is easily accessible and can be located when needed.

Educational and Awareness Programs:

Some legal professionals offer educational programs or seminars to raise awareness about the importance of estate planning and will creation. While attendance at these events is optional, individuals may choose to participate in such programs, and there could be associated fees for these informative sessions.


Understanding the costs associated with creating a will in the UAE is essential for individuals embarking on the estate planning journey. Legal professional fees, the complexity of the will, the type of will chosen, and additional services such as notarization and storage all contribute to the overall expenses. While costs may vary, investing in the creation of a well-crafted will is a prudent decision that ensures the protection of assets, provides for loved ones, and offers peace of mind in matters of estate planning. Individuals should consult with experienced legal professionals to gain a clear understanding of the costs involved and make informed decisions aligned with their specific needs and financial objectives.Understanding the Cost of Creating a Will in the UAE