Why Kindle and Amazon Books Go Hand-in-Hand?

Today, when you hear about Amazon books, it mainly refers to e-books or electronic versions of printed publications of different types of books that viewers can read on a computer or some handheld device like Kindle.  However, it was not the same about three decades ago when the technology giant Amazon USA started a chain of bookstores in Seattle, USA, at the end of 2015. It was an experiment in Amazon’s brick-and-mortar bookstore. As technology progressed, the digital revolution swept the world, and the online business model started gaining immense popularity. The move proved to be a game changer for Amazon, which soon used its technological prowess and encouraged the publication and sale of e-books that readers can comfortably read with the help of Kindle, a particular handheld device created by Amazon to facilitate e-books.

Enjoy Amazon Books with the Kindle App

The extreme convenience of reading books anytime, anywhere, without having to carry the book with you has been a major cause of the popularity of e-books. Amazon played a pivotal role in popularizing e-books by introducing the Kindle app in 2007, a handheld book reader that became the ubiquitous device for reading e-books. Besides the advantage of reading books on the go, e-books are extremely popular because they do away with the need for massive storage space for printed books. Now, you can create a library of Amazon Kindle books in Kindle or the cloud and access these seamlessly from anywhere to enjoy reading any chosen book on your device. Commuters and frequent travelers who love to read books while traveling are primarily fond of e-books, which do away with the heavy load of books that they would otherwise have to carry with them.

The Intimate Link between e-books and Kindle

E-books maintain a close relationship with Kindle, Amazon’s unique book reading app, because the pleasure of reading digital books goes up many times than reading e-books on computers and smartphones. Reading e-books is even more enjoyable with Kindle because of the option of altering the font sizes to match the reading preferences. Moreover, readers can even choose a font and use it as the default to have a more enjoyable reading session. Changing the font and font size is most beneficial for those with some vision problems. The flexibility of the reading app enhances the reading experience many more times. You can even change the color of the text and background colors to ensure the most comfortable reading experience. In addition, you can adjust the screen’s brightness to produce a smooth, soft display that is gentle on your eyes.

Free Kindle Books

To widen the Kindle user base by attracting new e-book lovers, Amazon offers free Kindle books within the range of Amazon books Kindle. The easiest way to access free Amazon Kindle books is to subscribe to an Amazon Prime membership that instantly gives you instant access to thousands of different genres of e-books.  Amazon Prime members automatically qualify for membership in Prime Reading. It provides ready access to the catalog of free Kindle e-books. The catalog includes e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and comics at no extra charge. Moreover, the subscription entitles you to a free book of a pre-release title every month.

Since all Amazon books comply with the Kindle device or app, people usually refer to them as Amazon Kindle books. However, Kindle is compatible with all types of e-books, and you can use the device to gain easy access to the collection of e-books in other libraries. Visit the Kindle e-book store to browse the huge collection of Amazon Kindle books, which gives you the pleasure of visiting a massive library of books conveniently without spending a dime.